Mail Call: TAD Survival Spark

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Today’s mail call brings us the Survival Spark from Triple Aught Design. This is a cool little firestarter crafted from solid brass, and manufactured in the U.S.A. It even arrives in a sturdy plastic storage case, complete with four pieces of Tinder-Quik.


Once you open the case, you have access to both the Survival Spark, as well as the Tinder-Quik tabs. In fact, the storage case is pretty roomy considering, and has plenty of space for adding small survival items of your own. While it’s not waterproof, the case definitely looks like it could handle being stashed in a pack or cargo pocket.


Here’s a closeup of the Survival Spark, showing a little more detail. It can be operated with one hand, a boon in a survival situation where perhaps one arm or hand is injured. You can see where the barrel of the firestarter has been milled out slightly, allowing for storage of a needle and wrapping of thread (or fishing line).


Another trick up the sleeve of Survival Spark is that it can be refilled by the user. It takes commonly available lighter flints such as the Zippo variety (shown here, but not included). Between the brass construction of the firestarter, and a pack of aftermarket flints, you have a seemingly endless supply of sparks at your disposal — all from an outdoor tool made to last.