There is one thing that is almost certain with regards to survival kits: change. Between a constant stream of new gear hitting the outdoors market, older pieces of gear wearing out, and the desire to upgrade a kit or add a capability — this means things will evolve over time.

The worst thing you could do is to stash survival items in a bag or pouch and completely forget about them. First, that means they could be deteriorating or getting damaged in storage. Second, you won’t know how to use the gear if there is ever a need for it. So it’s a good idea to check over things at least once a year. Medical supplies expire, liquids and ointments tend to leak, batteries go dead, metal items can rust, etc.

A while back, a small survival kit layout was posted here on the site (link here). Since then, there have been a few changes made to the setup. Below is the updated kit, now housed in a small Goruck pouch, which is a step up in size. Noticeably absent is a knife, water / food, first aid gear, and emergency shelter. (These items would be carried separately.)

GRKitB 2

Here is the fire making module:

  • WetFire Tinder (vacuum-sealed).
  • Tinder-Quik (vacuum-sealed).
  • Zippo Tinder (vacuum-sealed).
  • Exotac Matchcap with REI/UCO Stormproof matches.
  • Extra match striker strip.
  • Exotac Polystriker ferro rod.
  • Bic lighter.

GRKitC 2

Here is the signaling module:

  • Fox 40 whistle.
  • Glo-Toob AAA marker light (green LED).
  • Battle Systems MPIL signal panel.
  • Battle Systems / S.I. Howard compact glass signal mirror.
  • Fenix E01 AAA LED flashlight.

GRKitD 2

Here is the admin. / navigation / utility module:

  • Rite in the Rain 3×5″ notepad.
  • Staedtler Lumocolor marker.
  • Silva (now Suunto) baseplate compass.
  • Spare Energizer AAA lithium batteries.
  • Kevlar cordage.
  • 550 Paracord.

GRKitE 2

Lastly, here is the water module:

  • Aquamira Frontier straw filter.
  • Zippered water storage bag.
  • Katadyn MP1 Micropur water purification tablets.

GRKitF 2