Update: Vigilant Gear Kit Container

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Since I was going through survival kits the other day, it seemed like a good time to post a quick update on the Kit Container from Vigilant Gear. There have been a few running changes to the DIY survival kit, but nothing major. For example, the Fox 40 whistle got swapped out for an Acme 636 whistle. And the Fisher Space Pen refill was replaced with a Fisher Stowaway Pen. Overall, the Kit Container has held up very well, especially having been subjected to living at the bottom of my EDC bag for nearly the whole year.

VGKitA 2

Here’s a quick rundown of the contents in this homemade kit. As you can see, despite the small size, it’s able to house quite a bit of survival gear. This is honestly about the limit of what you can get in the container, although there’s probably room for a couple of fish hooks somewhere.

  • UST Starflash Signal Mirror 2×3″
  • Acme 636 Whistle
  • Photon Freedom LED Micro-Light (Red)
  • Suunto Clipper Compass (Luminous)
  • Tinder-Quik Tabs x 6
  • Spark-Lite Firestarter
  • Bic Mini Lighter
  • UCO Stormproof Matches x 8 (w/striker strip)
  • Uncle Bill’s Tweezers
  • P38 Can Opener
  • Safety Pins
  • Small Sewing Kit
  • Band-Aids
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment (aka Neosporin)
  • Katadyn MP1 Micropur Water Purification Tablets
  • Fresnel Magnifier
  • Rite in the Rain Paper
  • Fisher Stowaway Space Pen
  • Kevlar Cordage

Below are some photos of the various items in the kit, as well as an overall view of all contents. Click on any photo to open the gallery.

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