Gear Snapshot: Victorinox SwissTool Spirit

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IMG_0047 2

For those who enjoy using a good multitool, you should absolutely take a closer look at the Victorinox offerings. There are two versions — the regular, larger SwissTool and the smaller, leaner SwissTool Spirit. Both come in a variety of styles, with different combinations of either scissors and/or blade(s). When you first hold a SwissTool, you realize the precision and quality behind it. All the tools lock up securely, there is no blade play, and everything snaps right into place where it belongs.

The model shown here is an older SwissTool Spirit “S” with a black-oxide coating, and is no longer produced. After many years of use and EDC, it is still in great shape. Other than a periodic wipe down with a Tuf-Cloth, it needs little very maintenance. The pouch shown in the photo is from TAD Gear, and is their older “OS” sheath.