A few years back it dawned on us that sure, while we had quite a bit of gear available in case of a disaster or evacuation, our dog was not nearly as prepared. Enter the dog “bug-out” bag. While the bag has evolved over time (definitely need to post a new picture), the standard gear has basically stayed the same:

  • Water and collapsible bowl.
  • Food (vacuum sealed) and treats (vacuum sealed). Alternatively, use a Ziploc-style bag if you will be raiding it often on trips.
  • Tupperware-style container for feeding and storing uneaten food.
  • Extra collar and leash.
  • Spare tennis balls and toys.
  • Old beach towel(s).
  • Baby wipes and paper towels for cleaning up any mess.
  • Small first aid kit (FAK) with tweezers, alcohol wipes, nitrile gloves, tick puller, antibiotic ointment, gauze, etc.
  • Dog poop baggies and spare Ziploc-style bags.

All of this is housed in an old Mountainsmith “Cube” zippered bag which is water-resistant. Life is a lot easier when you can just grab the bag on the way out the door, knowing that your buddy will have almost everything needed for the adventure.

Next step: Making him carry it!


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