EDC: Keychain Light Updated for 2015

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Recently, I decided to replace the older Maratac AAA flashlight on my keychain with the new SureFire Titan AAA. Both lights are nearly the same size, and both run on a single AAA cell (alkaline, lithium, or NiMH). Where things differ is with output — the SF Titan has a dual-output of 125 lumens on high mode, and 15 lumens on low mode. The Maratac has three modes — medium, low, and high (in that order). I believe the high mode on that light is in the neighborhood of 80 or 85 lumens. Both are study flashlights, and the Maratac is no slouch, but it was time for a little change. Especially after being carried daily for the last six or so years.

FYI: Early production models of the SF Titan AAA have a battery compartment that is a little snug. Eneloop NiMH cells seem to fit just fine, but lithium cells are difficult to remove. Either way, SureFire has a lifetime warranty and has apparently made changes to the production line already.

Other items shown in the photo (L to R): Inka Pen, Exotac Nanostriker, Spyderco Delica 4 FFG.

IMG_1029 2