No matter what kind of pack or bag you use, eventually you’ll find yourself filtering through the gear that you carry daily. Too much stuff means additional weight on your shoulders, and that often means your pack will either slow you down, or worse, get left behind completely.

GORUCK Bullet 10L – Current EDC Pack

Over time, I’ve tried to thin out what I carry, removing a lot of the heavier / less used items and focusing on the basics instead. This gives you a more room to add in what you might want for each day. For example, today you might need a camera and accessories, and tomorrow it might be extra water and snacks. For the last couple of years, the Bullet 10L from GORUCK has been just the right size for EDC.

Bullet 10L – Front Pocket

The front pocket on the Bullet 10L is a great place to stash small & flat items, such as notepads, keys, wallet, phone, etc. Here you see a Field Notes pad, photography white balance card, and some navigation reference cards.

Bullet 10L – Essentials

Moving to the inside zippered pockets of the Bullet, there is a group of essential items I always try to keep packed. These are things you’re always likely to need, no matter what. This includes items like: a flashlight (HDS Rotary shown), multitool (Victorinox Swisstool Spirit), first aid kit (modified AMK), pens & pencils (housed in a pouch from Jet Pens), and lastly, a DIY small personal survival kit (housed in a Vigilant Gear kit container, click here for contents).

Bullet 10L – Main Compartment

Finally, taking a look at the main compartment (right side), you can see the few remaining items that are carried there. This includes a small GORUCK zippered pouch (containing misc. cables, chargers, lighter, etc.), and a sheepsfoot fixed blade (Spyderco Enuff H1), along with a bottle of vitamins that somehow made it into the shot.

That’s pretty much it!