Mail Call: Magpul DAKA Suppressor Pouch

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Today’s quick mail call brings us another cool offering from Magpul. This particular item is in their DAKA lineup — the “Suppressor Storage Pouch” in a small size, which happens to be great for about a million other uses, too.

One use that caught my eye while randomly cruising Instagram was putting it into service as a pencil case. When used this way, you can fit about 4 or 5 good-sized pens and pencils inside, and they are protected from the elements. While the DAKA line of pouches aren’t waterproof, they are definitely very weather resistant. The zipper is reverse-sewn and features a sturdy shrink-wrapped paracord pull.

You’re only limited by your imagination by what you can do with these DAKA pouches. This particular size would also be great for storing memory cards, flash drives, medications, folded cash or documents, spare batteries, etc.


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