Today’s mail call brings us a cool little piece of gear — the “Cell Vault” from a small company named Thyrm out of California. This is one of those items that, after you see it in person, you realize just how handy it’s going to be for every day carry.

The Cell Vault is a small elliptical storage container, originally meant for holding three spare CR123-sized batteries. By either design or coincidence, it will also hold two AA-sized or six AAA-sized cells. And if you’re so inclined, you could turn the case into a tiny survival kit, stash medications or spare cash inside, etc. The possibilities are pretty much endless. (Tip: To release any batteries, simply squeeze both sides of the case.)

Overall build quality seems very good at first glance, with the entire unit being constructed of durable plastic. I don’t have any long term impressions yet, but this will definitely be going in the EDC bag right away. The only metal in the design is a small hinge pin where the body and lid meet. Speaking of the lid, there is an embedded rubber o-ring to help protect your spare batteries (or gear) from the weather. Not only that, but you can thread the handle through MOLLE/PALS webbing if you want to attach it to a bag or belt.

This is definitely a novel way to carry and protect your batteries. Besides, your flashlight is only as good as the spare cells you have for it!

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