EDC: Goruck Bullet 10L

With summer in full swing, and temperatures on the rise, sometimes it’s just not that comfortable (or practical) to be hauling around a huge every day carry (EDC) bag. Not only for the sweaty back it can cause, but also for the convenience of having your gear and belongings nearby when traveling — this is where a smaller capacity pack comes in handy. The Goruck Bullet 10L is a good example of this, with just the right mix of size, features, price, warranty, and build quality. The 10L capacity allows you to be a minimalist and carry only what is really needed.


Here is the Bullet 10L opened up, showing the main compartment (left side) and the zippered interior pockets (right side). A really nice feature is the clamshell opening, allowing access to the entire pack:


Here is a closeup the main compartment, containing (left to right) a Goruck small “Shadow” pocket, an Outdoor Research padded case, and an Op/Tech USA small padded pouch:


The GR Shadow pocket contains cables, chargers, spare batteries, flash drives, and various misc. small pieces of gear. The Outdoor Research case contains a Sony NEX-7 digital camera. And finally, the Op/Tech pouch has an Icom R6 radio receiver, Cammenga lensatic compass, and a Garmin eTrex 10 GPS unit:


Next up are the zippered pockets. These are handy for organizing and keeping larger pieces of gear from floating around the main compartment:


The mesh pocket contains (left to right) a Nomadic pen/pencil organizer, modified AMK first aid kit, and a bandanna. The solid pocket contains a Victorinox Swisstool Spirit in a TAD Gear OS pouch, and a Surefire E1D Defender LED flashlight:


Finally, the front compartment contains a Field Notes notebook, a photography gray card, navigation pocket references, and whatever other small items are needed for the day. Not shown is the hydration pocket in the back of the Bullet 10L, which can accept an optional 3L bladder. For EDC use, that compartment is kept empty, as a full bladder would eat up quite a bit of space in the main compartment:



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